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CRM Executive

Maintain customer structure and ensure proper placement and upgrade of customers

  • Prepare regular reports to management on segments’ performance, growth, opportunities and customer migration
  • Share the campaigns results with sales manager/country manager
  • Send the visitations coverage to sales teams (on monthly/ quarterly basis)
  • Facilitate the flow of information horizontally and vertically
  • Send visits and calls reports to the sales teams on weekly basis
  • Send communications report to sales team on weekly basis
  • Send opportunities report to sales team on weekly basis
  • Send new leads report to sales team on monthly basis
  • Send e-Tool implementation report to sales team (monthly or basis)
  • Approve new accounts on Sales force system
  • Maintain proper placement of customers in their proper segments
  • Review and maintain customer segmentation
  • Review and update customers’ data integration correctly
  • Adhere to company HSSE, compliance and sustainability corporate policies
  • Drive and monitor customer growth through monitoring customer productions and leads
  • Share the monthly performance of each team member with sales team

Company Overview:

Since our founding in 1982 we have grown to become a world leader in comprehensive transport and delivery solutions for business and consumers. Headquartered in Dubai, at the heart of the world’s most dynamic commercial hub and on the site of historic trade routes linking east and west, commerce and transport are deeply embedded in Aramex’s DNA. We are dedicated to transforming the face of trade, expanding our operations rapidly to better connect businesses and consumers worldwide.