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Senior Freight Product Manager

Location -Dubai  ,United Arab Emirates (AE) 

Job ID -4182

Key Responsiblities :


  • Coordinate with the Country Manager to set the products yearly targets. 
  • Achieve the set product target 
  • Agree with the Country manager on a sales and pricing strategy for the product.
  • Communicate to the Commercial sales and pricing strategy to the freight specialist and ensure they abide by it.
  • Develop effective sales and communication materials that will enhance the development of the product in the marketplace. 
  • Coordinate with the Regional Commercial Manager and Regional Freight Operations Manager on all strategic decisions, Strong buying power to set up consolidations in local country and to work Operational throughput and updates needed
  • Report the status of the product to the country manager and to the regional team on a monthly basis. 
  • Train and support the local freight specialist with the support of Regional team and ensure that they are selling the product effectively.
  • Visit the local station clients with the commercial team on a regular basis and include the Regional commercial manager whenever required. This is especially important when the client has a special project and requires the expertise of the product manager. 
  • Help the freight specialist resolve any operational related problem.
  • Provide the Country Manager and the commercial team with effective market data. This may include information about the competition, upcoming projects, product statistics and product profitability reports, etc.
  • Participate in product exhibitions where his potential customers visiting or participating.
  • Strive to continuously learn about the product and transfer this knowledge to the Country Manager and the freight specialist teams.
  • Negotiate the best rates with the airlines, trucking agencies and other suppliers. 





Company Overview:

Since our founding in 1982 we have grown to become a world leader in comprehensive transport and delivery solutions for business and consumers. Headquartered in Dubai, at the heart of the world’s most dynamic commercial hub and on the site of historic trade routes linking east and west, commerce and transport are deeply embedded in Aramex’s DNA. We are dedicated to transforming the face of trade, expanding our operations rapidly to better connect businesses and consumers worldwide.