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Global Franchising Manager

Location -Dubai  ,United Arab Emirates (AE) 

Job ID -5279

Global Franchising Manager needs to formulate our global franchising strategy, engage our current franchise and agent network along with business stakeholders and shift the engagement towards a renewed engagement mechanism and revenue model. In parallel to that, the person needs to lead the assessment and onboarding of new franchises through a renewed assessment and launch to scale up the program. In the future, this person will also be responsible for assessing franchising opportunities within our core regions and driving revenue of the franchise network by launching new products, lanes, pricing, customer awareness programs, and customized solutions for the network.


Job Responsibilities  


  • Curate the global franchising strategy in an iterative manner with updated focus areas, value propositions by region, Business product offerings, digital enablement, onboarding and scale-up processes, and other programs


  • Assess business and marketing plans for potential business partners and create reports for internal stakeholder approvals. Draft business plans with franchisees and drive contractual negotiations to align all expectations and requirements with potential partners
  • Mentor and handhold new franchises as per business plan alignment and drive scale-up of business through marketing plan adherence.
  • Discuss new business opportunities, and create customized rate cards and programs to enable the launch and commercialization of new lanes, Aramex products, and value-added within the partner ecosystem


  • Upgrade and digitize the franchisee application process, due diligence, and assessment process creating standard and customized onboarding plans for franchise partners with a focus on quality, standards, compliance, and digital enablement to drive partner success
  • Audit and provide all reports on compliance, quality, operations, commercials, and product adoptions related metrics to stakeholders. Coordinate between internal and partner stakeholders to creatively problem-solve and create solutions



Job Requirements (Experience and Education)

  • 8-12 years of solid experience in the franchising business. Work experience in franchising within the courier, logistics, supply chain, and freight forwarding industry is a plus
  • 8+ years’ experience in managing a P&L, drafting and assessing business plans, conducting negotiations, and curating marketing plans
  • MBA or equivalent degree 

Company Overview:

Since our founding in 1982 we have grown to become a world leader in comprehensive transport and delivery solutions for business and consumers. Headquartered in Dubai, at the heart of the world’s most dynamic commercial hub and on the site of historic trade routes linking east and west, commerce and transport are deeply embedded in Aramex’s DNA. We are dedicated to transforming the face of trade, expanding our operations rapidly to better connect businesses and consumers worldwide.