About InfoFort

At InfoFort we talk about information and “Information Management”. Information is such a powerful word and provides massive opportunities. Information is everywhere around us.

It can be on paper, transformed from paper to digital, created digitally; can reside on a DVD, a tape, hard drive, a server, a cloud network; can be stored physically and electronically; can be archived and retrieved; can be persevered and purged; Information is everywhere and it is unstructured by nature.

Information Management is what defines InfoFort and governs its solutions that aim to structure Information and help InfoFort’s clients meet the global challenges, needs and demands for security, confidentiality, accessibility, compliance, resilience, business continuity, disaster recovery and preservation.

InfoFort covers the entire gamut of the Information Management industry. InfoFort is your trusted partner in document and information management solutions.

To learn more visit http://www.infofort.com/